DK Consultants Ltd.

2, Sofronii Vrachanski Str.

4000, Plovdiv Bulgaria

Phone/ Fax: + 359 32 626377


DK Consultants

DK Consultants, founded in 2007, is a Plovdiv, Bulgaria-based consulting firm whose core competency lies in outsourcing,legal and accounting services.

The comprehensive understanding of an outsourcing projects can come only from a combination of quantitative performance analysis and qualitative firm analysis. 

The value we add for our clients lies within the fact that, simply put, we look at outsourcig services differently from other consultants.  We deliver all the necessary quantitative data, however, DK Consultants goes much deeper by putting a larger emphasis on the qualitative. By focusing our research process on subtle areas not often considered, we are able to provide thorough and insightful investment analysis.